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Art Science Lab is a branch of Auckland University of Technology that combines art, science and technology to find new ways to overcome real-world challenges.

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    Auckland University of Technology (AUT) set up Art Science Lab in 2020. Art Science Lab brings together art, science and technology. It uses the collective talents of creatives, academics, researchers, students, designers, and developers to find innovative ways to overcome real-world challenges and transform how we experience our natural and urban environments.

    Art Science Lab specialises in creating virtual replicas of real-world assets, by using new technologies to capture and process data and create visual outputs. This creates repositories of digital assets that have historical, cultural and economic value.

    Through its current director, AUT artist in residence Joseph Michael, Art Science Lab has created strong links with Brazil. In 2020, it worked with Joseph to create Amazon – Raised Up Sky, which is an augmented reality of the Amazon rainforest that brings to life the scale and magnificence of the trees. And in 2022, it supported Joseph to produce an interactive web-based tool called The Majestic Samaúma. This tool uses a Latin American lens to educate students about science and global citizenship.

    Art Science Lab was co-founded by Professor Pare Keiha (Pro Vice Chancellor of Māori Advancement) and art advisor, curator and photojournalist Helen Klisser During.


    Auckland, New Zealand


    Established in 2020

    Published 02 November 2023

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    Amazon – Raised Up Sky



    The Majestic Samaúma


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