Creative Collaborations is a curated survey of the partnership between the Aotearoa New Zealand and Latin America creative economies. It is not an exhaustive view but a living document and we will continue to add content to the resource.

We are selecting projects and people to showcase based on the following criteria:


International – the project includes a partnership between at least one Aotearoa New Zealand-based and one Latin America-based creative practitioner, business, institution, organisation, agency or academic.

Successful – the project has achieved critical or sales success in Aotearoa New Zealand, Latin America or another region.

Recognised – the project is recognised as having engaged best practice in international or intercultural collaboration.


Creative involvement in at least two featured projects – the practitioner, business, institution, organisation, agency or academic has a key creative role in at least two of the profiled projects.


You can use this form to suggest a project, person, institution, resource or event we could add to the website. Creative Collaborations does not cover domestic collaborations within Aotearoa New Zealand, but its scope may expand in the future.

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