Creative Collaborations explores the partnership between Aotearoa New Zealand and Latin America's creative economies via four overarching themes:

Heritage | Tuku iho

Cultural Sites

Archaeological Sites, Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Exhibitions

Traditional Cultural Expression

Art Crafts, Festivals, Celebrations

Arts | Mahi toi

Visual Arts

Painting, Sculpture, Photography, and Antiques

Performing Arts

Live Music, Theatre, Dance, Opera, Circus, Puppetry

Media | Pāpāho

Publishing and Printed Media

Books, Press, and Other Publications

Audio Visual

Film, Television

Audio Recording

Music or sound recording, Radio

Design | Hoahoa


Interior, Graphic, Jewellery, Toys, Products

New Media

Software, Video Games, Digitalized Creative Content

Creative Services

Architecture, Advertising, Creative Research and Development